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Phoenix Metro Area Towing Services

Affordable and Safe Towing Services

At Rana's Towing we know that accidents (and breakdowns) happen! When they do, call on us for help. We're there for you in an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have both wreckers and flatbed trucks for all your light-duty towing needs. We can tow anything up to a small bus in size. We will tow your vehicle without damaging it and we go everywhere in the Phoenix Metro Area, and the surrounding areas too. Keep our number in your cell phone or glove box just in case!

Abandoned Vehicle Removal

Do yo have abandoned vehicles parked on your property and the owners won't remove them? We can take care of it! Give us a call and they'll be gone today! We can also tow away illegally parked or tresspassing vehicles and impound them at no charge to you.


Junk Car Removal

Got a "project" car that's not going anywhere? Ready to move on and reclaim your garage? Whether it's running or not we'll clear it away and pay you cash (up to $500!), so you have nothing to lose. Call Rana's Towing for a free estimate.

4x4 and All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Four wheel drive vehicles have to be towed without any their wheels touching the ground. But don't worry--at Rana's Towing we have the experience and equipment to move your vehicle without damage.

Motorcycle Towing

Not all towing companies handle motorcycles because they can be tricky to move safely. But Rana's Twowing has no problem towing motorcycles and we have lots of experience to ensure secure transport of your motorcycle.

Salvage and Recovery

Is your car stuck in a ditch? Sunk in a swimming pool? No matter where your vehicle ended up, we can get it out and on to its destination.


Local and Long Distance Towing

Rana's Towing is happy to take your vehicle wherever you need it to go--even to another state.

Roadside Assistance

Jump Starts

Is your battery dead? Let us give you a jump and get you moving again. Our tow trucks are equipped with jumper boxes, which are safer to use than connecting your car to another car's battery.


Tire Changes

If you have a flat tire, do you really want to struggle with it out on the side of the road? Let us come out and put on the spare for you. We have all the necessary equipment for a fast and safe tire change.


Locked the keys in the car? These things happen. Don't worry! Call us to unlock your car door--we will come out quickly and get the job done without damage to your vehicle.

Fuel Deliveryy

Out of gas? We can bring you a few gallons to get you going again.

Commercial Towing Services

We love doing commercial work, and tow vehicles for all types of businesses, and in all parts of the valley. You want to get those vehicles moved today, and we are up to the job! We do vehicle transportation, handle vehicle repossessions, and tow away and impound vehicles parked in the way of your business.

Vehicle Repossession/Collateral Recovery

We handle collateral recovery for banks, auto dealers, and recovery companies. We are equipped to repossess the vehicle quickly and professionally without breaking locks or causing damage.


Parking Management

Do you have parking lot problems? Are there trespassing vehicles in your lot or blocking driveways, parking places, or delivery areas? Maybe you have an abandoned vehicle taking up valuable space, or vehicles for sale parked on your property. We can help. We can tow these vehicles away and impound them at no cost to you, all within state regulations. We provide these towing services for large and small businesses, apartment complexes, HOAs, property management companies, and more. Call us today to find out how we can help, and soon your parking lot problems will be history.
At Rana's Towing, our tow trucks work hard to make your commercial vehicle towing,vehicle transportation, vehicle tow away, and vehicle repossession problems dissapear, so you can get back to doing business!

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